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A Soulful Evolution

Something is happening in our world right now. A great big divide occurred and we split into two realities. The outcome? A Soulful Evolution has commenced. Many of us understand the importance of co-creating a new reality aligned to our human spirit and activating our human potential by becoming ‘real’ once again. We need to focus on prosperity, living naturally and preserving the conditions for us to thrive. This is a movement towards a new way of being.

Our Goals and Vision

Our vision is to create a new way of being that is aligned to our human spirit and activating our human potential and realness again.

We do this by becoming switched on to our Spirit, becoming aware of what is happening in our world, discovering the soulful action we can take and activating our human potential that will help us shape our new reality.

Most importantly we combine our visions to decide what our new reality will look like and work collaborativly to co-create it.


Who We Are

Soulful Evolution was founded by Vanessa Elizabeth. We are a growing group dedicated to making positive change. We want to build a strong community of focused people who have clear intentions to live life in a natural and soulful way.

We welcome Soulful contributors to write for us and provide their unique perspective and ideas so we can co-create a new vision for our world. This may include stories, poetry parables and even art so that we can focus our attention towards the possibilities.

Our Story

The world has gone mad! We started Soulful Evolution to alter that momentum and move towards creating a better way to live and activating our human potential.

We want to focus on creating awareness and pathways towards real change – a kind of counter reality to the one we are being presented with right now. It only takes a small amount of people with strong intentions to send ripples of positive change out into the world, we just need to band together to make it happen.

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