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We are all co-creators and we invite you to co-create our soulful evolution with us. This is a great opportunity to share a message, build your own business profile or simply to help others develop a new skill.

Write For Us

Yes we welcome article submissions and encourage it.

Have you written an article that would be a good fit for Soulful Evolution? Send it along with a brief biography and photo. We’ll contact you if we plan to publish it.

Topics we are interested in include:

  • Your vision for a better world in the form of a story, poetry, parable or even artwork.
  • Articles about what is happening in the world right now so we can see through the false narrative and conditioning
  • Personal Experience in old reality vs new reality 
  • Creating a self sufficient life
  • News that we need to be aware of
  • How to take soulful action to preserve conditions for a good life 

Submission Guidelines

We are always looking for new collabortors to co-create with. Please use the following guide when submitting articles for publication on Soulful Evolution.

  • Provide an introduction – We want to know a bit about you, your experience and passions as well as learn about your business.
  • Please attach your article in the form of an MS Word document or include in body of the email.
  • We prefer articles up to 1500 words however not a hard rule so we can be flexible on this.
  • If your article has already been published elsewhere, please let us know and provide links.
  • Include a brief bio that includes details on yourself and what you offer along with your web address/social networks plus a photo.
  • For factual articles, please ensure your article is supported with hyperlinked references.
  • Wherever possible, articles should be empowering and contain a solution

Once your submission is ready, please email info(at) 


Present a masterclass

Would you like to present a masterclass in the Soulful Evolution Membership to build your profile? Send a pitch along with a brief biography and photo to info(at) .We’ll contact you if it is a good fit.

Topics we are interested in include:

  • How to’s for Soulful and Natural living
  • Creating a self sufficient life
  • How to take soulful action and get results



Do you offer a product or service that our readers might benefit from? Please include details of the product or service you want to advertise and we will contact you back to discuss further details. Email: info(at) We’ll contact you if it is a good fit.


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