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Manifest your new way way of being during this transitionary period of time in our Soulful Evolution.

Create a Soulful Life regardless of how the world is changing around us.


We are now in the midst of a Soulful Evolution

Work with Vanessa to create your New Way of Being!

Vanessa will guide you to create a simpler lifestyle aligned to our human spirit offering fulfillment, prosperity, happiness, natural living and quality time with your family.

Not only do we have a vortex filled with our desires, there are also numerous life lines that exist where we are enjoying these desires. The trick is to activate the energetic version of you that is experiencing your most ideal life line.

How it Works:

Initial Consulation

This is where Vanessa will identify which of your potential life lines that you want to activate – this she refers to as your new way of being. She will work with you to gain complete clarity on your true heart’s desires in all aspects of your life so that she has a clear picture of what needs to be transformed within you to achieve them.

Develop a Blueprint

Vanessa will develop a personalised blueprint and pathway for you towards your new way of being. 


Vanessa will work with you to activate your personalised blueprint via regular guidance calls and email support throughout the duration of your chosen package.

Follow-Up & Community

Vanessa will provide opportunities for follow-up discussions, clearing of blockages and energetic expansion after the conclusion of your package through 1:1 or group workshops. You will also be invited into an exclusive community of heart driven change makers.

How do I know if this is right for me?

 The Blueprint is a complete transformational jump to a new life line with the power of manifesting. A life where you are experiencing prosperity and abundance, happiness, have a soulful career or business, utilizing powerful thought, are living life naturally, have activated wellbeing and have created a loving family life. 

 For action oriented, heart driven people who are determined to make real change in their lives.

 Coaching is now available for Activists to learn how to guide energy, change the playing field and drive momentum towards a win. 





Explore what’s included:

Connecting to Spirit & Raising Vibration

We focus on raising your vibration and get into the energy of receiving. This will result in you experiencing happiness everyday and connecting with Spirit for direct guidance. This can also be applied for those in activism so they gain momentum towards a win and gain understanding of excess potential energy and how to use it to your advantage.

Attract Soulful Relationships & Loving Family Life

A key foundation of life is to experience love and we express this mostly through our relationships. For singles you will attract your soul partner, for established relationships you will enhance love and respect and overall family life will feel more wholesome. We will also look at attracting new like-minded friendships that are uplifting and full of interesting conversations.

Focusing on creating a loving family life and relationships is a powerful pathway to happiness.

Activate Prosperity Consciousness
Prosperity is the foundation for your new way of being. I will guide you to activate your prosperity consciousness so that you attract wealth in a natural and spiritual way.
Clarity on your Life Path, Passion and Purpose

I will guide you to clarity for the life path you want to activate. This will include identifying your passion and purpose so you can start including them in your everyday experience. This will be life changing for many.

Transitioning to a Soulful Business

If your life line includes a Soulful Business, we will ignite it together. I will lead you towards setting up your Soulful Business by identifying the concept and niche, branding, creating packages, soulful marketing that expresses your unique talents and gifts and overall put in motion a success plan to get it off the ground in an easy and effective way.

Manifesting and Restoring Health and Wellbeing

If health has been a challenge, we will use powerful thought and manifesting to restore your wellbeing. Poor health starts with resistance so we will identify your resistance, the patterns that lead to it and then transform it. We will also activate the power within you to heal and attract natural solutions.

Create a simpler and happier lifestyle

Create a simpler lifestyle with the best of everything. This may involve a transition to self sufficient living, more community connection, an at home business or attracting the right property for your goals.

My Approach

I apply a spiritual and wholistic approach to manifesting so that you can create a life that is fulfilling and naturally aligned to your spirit.

When you work with Vanessa not only are you powerfully transforming your life and how you think, you are also exploring the deeper meaning life and patterns in your life. Once you let go of an old program, you can move towards creating a new personal reality which has the power to shape the world we want ourselves and our children to live. 

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How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Gain clarity on how I can help you in your Soulful Journey through a free 1:1, obligation free discovery call.



Choose a Coaching Plan

Choose a plan from the options below that suits your needs.

Reach Your Goals

Get started so that you can get results an a systematic way with an easy to follow pathway.

Tailored Coaching Package – Immediate Solutions

Suitable for people who have an immediate issue to address using deeper levels of the law of attraction. Comes in a package of two sessions.


More Details

This is perfect for those who want to look at their issue in a wholistic way and come up with a solution that they can apply straight away to see results. This may involve stress over health, an activism case, a relationship issue or a business block. It is not intended to solve emergencies but instead resolve a blockage that has appeared on a your Soulful journey.

This is paid in blocks of two sessions. It will include a session scheduled within a short time frame plus a follow up session. Each session will be 1 hour. You will have unlimited email exchange until the conclusion of the package. Once you have made a payment, Vanessa will email you a form to complete updating her on your immediate needs. She will also send some available times for your first session. Please note – must be compatible with Eastern Time zone.

3 Month Coaching Package

Suitable for people who would like a very clear and defined pathway to a new life, with access to support and guidance a for a limited time. After 3 months they can take more control over outcomes on their own.

More Details
This includes an initial session, your new way of being blueprint and pathway, fortnightly coaching calls (up to 1 hour each) and unlimited email exchanges throughout the duration of the package. This is perfect for people who are independent and need guidance at the beginning of their journey but will take the reigns once they have gained their momentum.

At the conclusion of the package clients have the option of utilizing the tailored two session package above for clearing any obstacles they may encounter.

6 Month Coaching Package

Suitable for people who would like a very clear and defined pathway with someone to provide support and guidance all throughout their transformation. 

More Details

This includes an initial session, your new way of being blueprint and pathway, fortnightly coaching calls (up to 1 hour each) and unlimited email exchanges throughout the duration of the package. This is perfect for people who enjoy the guidance and sharing opportunity over a longer period of time. It  is great for accountability and achieving big goals. As an example it is great for people wanting a complete transformation on how they live life and is especially helpful for progressing a Soulful Business.


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